Hello & Thanks for visiting! My name is Perry Bennett and I love to shoot motorsports in all forms, especially autocross events with the SCCA.  I am an Atlanta Region SCCA member and have had photos featured in the Atlanta Region’s Magazine “The Steering Wheel,” SportsCar Magazine, and Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.  I am also a regular contributor to SCCA’s “SoloMatters” blog– so you are probably familiar with my work.  I like to shoot images that show the speed of the cars rather than the same boring still-shots that are common.

Due to the volume of pictures that I shoot at each event, the pictures you see in the galleries are currently completely un-edited;  but are all available for purchase as high-resolution images.  Purchased images are touched up to remove any dust spots, and are slightly enhanced to bring out the colors and boost the image quality.  I love seeing folks use my pictures on Facebook or as avatars! Keep in mind that it costs me money to come and shoot an event, and causes wear & tear on my equipment.  If you are not interested in buying full-res images from me, but enjoy the photos I take please consider donating a buck or two for images that you use on facebook etc.  so I can continue to provide high-quality images for you to enjoy.

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