All purchased Photos are:

  • Digital only! (I’ll be happy to recommend places to print them if you are planning to print)
  • High-resolution
  • Digitally Enhanced (may be cropped/straightened,  levels & saturation adjusted, dust spots removed, etc)
  • Contain a small, unobtrusive logo watermark in a bottom corner
  • For personal-use only!

Note- Links will typically not fit in the paypal box when ordering! I understand that this system is a bit clunky and am working to improve it.

For photos taken prior to 2016, The easiest way to tell me which photos you want to purchase is to email me the photo #, and gallery its located in (i.e. STR, photo 61/150, 82/150, 107/150) This can be found above each photo when viewing in the gallery.

For photos 2016 and after, if you can email me the gallery and the filename located below the image, (“PB1-1356.jpg”) that would be ideal.

Photo Prices

Photo Prices

Additional photos are $5 each. If you’d like to purchase more than 10 photos, please use the “donation” link below

I like your Photos but don’t want to pay for a full-res version…

Don’t want to purchase full resolution images, but prefer to use the smaller images from my galleries on your Facebook or as your Avatar?

No Problem!
You are welcome to use the low-resolution photos on Social Networking sites and forums as long as you leave my watermark! Keep in mind that the low res images will not look as nice as the full res versions. I do not do ANY post-production work on the low-res images.

One last thing– it costs me money to come to events to shoot, along with wear & tear on my equipment. So if you like my photos, but don’t feel like purchasing the full res image,  Please consider making a small donation so I can continue to come to events and provide high-quality photos!

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